Well, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Every choice you make impacts the world we live in. Everywhere you spend your money has an impact on our future. The solution for the biggest challenges we face, often lie in small choices and daily action steps. By making better choices about where, how and what we buy WE can make a real difference.

This is Beauty was born to make those choices a little easier.

We, a small but mighty team of heart-driven beauty lovers, are offering a solution to reduce waste and transform the beauty industry.

We LOVE beauty products. The beauty industry is booming and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. Let’s face it.

But the same can’t be said for the beauty of our planet. For every product that’s produced, there’s a very REAL and direct impact on the environment.

We’re leading the way for a new era of conscious shopping.

Future-thinking but relevant today, because we CAN imagine a world where we have the power to change it. Without having to dramatically change our lives overnight.

We’re committed to reducing unnecessary waste in the industry.

We work with trusted retailers and global brands by keeping, what we like to call, imperfectly perfect products in circulation.

Just because there’s an imperfection to the packaging doesn’t mean the product shouldn’t make its way to your shelf.

That’s why when you shop with This is Beauty you’re part of something bigger, a movement that makes a positive impact on the entire world of beauty, for you and our planet.

Progress only happens when we take action. Small changes done collectively have the POWER to change the world.

So, here WE are.

We’re not perfect. Nobody is, nobody could possibly ever be. But, we’re promising to put our best foot FORWARD.